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Work exoskeleton under development

Twelve research institutions from seven European countries are involved in the Robo-mate project, which hopes to test a robotic suit that can be worn by factory employees within three years.One expert warned employers would need to be convinced the equipment would not pose safety issues of its own.Manufacturers including Italian carmaker Fiat and the French vehicle recycler Indra are working with the teams. The companies will suggest situations in which the tech could prove useful and have also said they would help test it.For example Indra has to deconstruct many different types of car, and at present humans, rather than robots, are the only

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11 Sep
Planet Robotics @planetrobotics
RT @BBCTech: Work exoskeleton under development http://t.co/rd3XKBrhgs
11 Sep
notimeoff @notimeoff
Work exoskeleton under development http://t.co/HEc3tgoKjm (BBC Tech) #Tech