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Study: North America to ship 10M robotic vehicles in 2032

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Fully driverless vehicles may be as little as 10 years away — at least according to a new study by ABI Research.According to the study, driverless vehicles will start to appear in North America at the beginning of the next decade, culminating in more than 10 million robotic vehicles shipping in 2032. In other words, half of new vehicles shipped in North America will have driverless, robotic capabilities within 20 years.Currently, a lot of new technology is hitting roads in a piecemeal fashion. A little lane-keeping technology here, some parking assist there and back-up collision intervention for good measure. Anyone who has shopped for a new

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28 Aug
Grishin Robotics @GrishinRobotics
Study: North America to ship 10M #robotic vehicles in 2032 http://t.co/JGWQynwLQC by @TMDavin via @BizOfRobotics