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Rules for the Digital Panopticon


For centuries, we humans have lacked the all-knowing, all-seeing mechanisms to credibly predict and prevent bad actions by others. Now these very powers of preemption are perhaps within our grasp, thanks to a confluence of technologies. In the foreseeable future, governments, and perhaps some for-profit corporations and civil-society groups, will design, construct, and deploy surveillance systems that aim to predict and prevent bad actions—and to identify, track, and neutralize people who commit them. And when contemplating these systems, let’s broadly agree that we should prevent the slaughter of children at school and the abduction,

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20 Sep
IEEE Spectrum @IEEESpectrum
Rules for the Digital Panopticon: The technologies of persistent surveillance can protect us only if certain b... http://t.co/rEriUm2T0R
20 Sep
Erico Guizzo @ericoguizzo
Rules for the Digital Panopticon http://t.co/KAVlHxGwOL via @IEEESpectrum