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Robotic surgery rises on misleading reports

Last year, Denver’s Porter Adventist Hospital announced that Warren Kortz, a general surgeon on staff, was the first in the Rocky Mountain region to use a technique known as robotic surgery to remove gall bladders through one incision in the belly button.The operation, performed while the doctor sits at a videogame-like console, was “taking advantage of another breakthrough in robotic surgery” and is “easier on the patient,” the hospital said in a press release.“It’s Star Wars stuff,” Kortz was quoted as saying in another article put out by the hospital touting a 2010 robot-assisted parathyroid surgery. “My prediction is it will eventually replace

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29 Oct
TransBotica @TransBotica
Robotic surgery rises on misleading reports - Sarasota Herald-Tribune http://t.co/SMjjLXJeGy