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Putting a face on a robot

A new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology finds that older and younger people have varying preferences about what they would want a personal robot to look like. And they change their minds based on what the robot is supposed to do. Participants were shown a series of photos portraying either robotic, human or mixed human-robot faces and were asked to select the one that they would prefer for their robot's appearance. Most college-aged adults in the study preferred a robotic appearance, although they were also generally open to the others. However, nearly 60 percent of older adults said they would want a robot with a human face, and

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01 Oct
robotants @robotants
Putting a face on a robot - EurekAlert (press release): Putting a face on a robotEurekAlert (press release)A n... http://t.co/KVF5Lk7dCd