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Monkeys move virtual arms with their minds

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have enabled rhesus monkeys to move a pair of arms in a virtual environment using just their brain activity. In 2000, the university started with an electrode array that let owl monkeys control a prosthetic arm. Earlier this year, we saw a monkey that could control a robot more than to 6,800 miles away. Now, a team led by Doctor Miguel Nicolelis, a professor of neurobiology, has taught rhesus monkeys to move both arms of an onscreen avatar just by thinking about it. The team studied large-scale cortical readings from the monkeys to determine if they could provide sufficient signals to a brain-machine

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12 Nov
CoroWare (COWI) @CoroWare
Bionic limbs are getting closer http://t.co/p1KfHpnK8L