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EZ-Robot Launches the Next Robot Revolution

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EZ-Robot is about to make a lot of everyday people excited. Specifically, those who had the childhood dream of owning a personal robot right out of science fiction. Today, they are showcasing "EZ-Robot Revolution".Based in Calgary, AB, Canada, EZ-Robot builds robots for everyone. With no programming experience needed, it’s simple to bring the robots to life and begin enjoying them right away. Their robots learn using simple “drag and drop” behaviour software which requires no programming experience. The robots are built using EZ-Bits; the physical building blocks which add new components and features. From helping around the house to playing

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20 Sep
EZ Robot @EZ_Robot
Thanks @backbonemag for the great coverage! EZ-Robot Revolution has launched! #tech #robot #future http://t.co/hYRvgJdQ0Q